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Mystery image

Busy week at Brookwood Dentistry

What a week! Thanks for the great response from our last blog post and for a lot of good guesses on the mystery item. The item was a patient napkin holder chain! Look again if you need too.
Hopefully this weeks mystery item will inspire even more intrigue.

This week at the office we celebrated Ashley’s (one of our exceptional dental assistants) birthday, thank you Ashley, for all you do!

I will be traveling to Nashville, TN for a dental implant update course. I am eager to learn even more ways to provide you with exceptional care and obtain the most up to date information. I may also, have a few comments on the Nashville Barbeque scene, when I return.

Over the next few weeks we are planning on addressing some hot topic issues, such as the recent MSNBC story about the correlation between dental x-rays and brain tumors. Also, some interesting research comparing a water jet flosser vs. traditional dental floss. Please plan to visit our blog again and join the conversation.

Now, for this weeks mystery item. What do you think?

Mystery Photo

Brookwood Dentistry

Welcome to the new Brookwood Dentistry Blog

Welcome to the Brookwood dentistry blog! Our goal is to keep you informed of all the current issues associated with your dental health along with some interesting and fun topics mixed in.

Each week we plan to post 1-2 topics that will help you stay informed of the practice, oral health, as well as just some fun and thought provoking ideas.

Please plan to return weekly for the current topic.

Starting today and each Thursday after we will post a picture of a mystery object, then sit back and watch the fun begin as you try to guess what it is.

Have fun and have a great weekend!

A Mystery Object

What is it?

– Dr. Esco,

Brookwood Dentistry