Vickie, Dental Hygienist

She has been a Hygienist at Brookwood Dentistry for over 25 years. She enjoys developing relationships with her patients while helping them improve and maintain their smiles. She is an advocate for good oral health, as to ensure optimum overall health. Researching dental issues related to medications and general health is an interest of hers. […]

Ruth, Dental Hygienist

Why is Ruth still a Hygienist after decades in her craft? She loves connecting with people, educating patients on good home care, and making every visit both pleasant and thorough. She has remained with the Brookwood team for many years because they consistently put patients first, stay current on technology, and have become family.

Elyssa, Dental Hygienist

Elyssa lives in the small town of Comer. She is a recent graduate from Athens Technical College where she received an Associates of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene. Elyssa’s favorite part about her schooling experience was the opportunity she had to provide quality care for underserved patients. Her passion for the community was recognized and she was the recipient of the Class of 2022’s […]

Madison, Dental Assistant

Lindsey, Dental Assistant

Sheyanne, Dental Assistant